Count relations between fields and values

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to learn Scopeland, because it’s much easier for me than “normal” coding with all the SQL commands, so as a layman I quickly lose track of what I’ve done.
Now I have two questions:
1. why there are permanent and temporary relations in the selection mask and
2. how can i count equal values of a certain type from tables?
Thanks !

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to 1. permanent relation are used for all permanent logical relations between tables, quasi as the name says,always there (permanent).
The temporary relation is needed if you want to add a second dependent table to the same table in one view. The permanent relation is then already used up.
-> means you need another temporary relation

to 2. very simple: just activate the column to be counted and the PK. The function “Number of values” is applied to the PF. Scopeland then automatically counts all occurring values intelligently.

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