Contents of the main menu

Hello, everybody,
What do the main menu items contain in relation to basic program functions?

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Under “General” you will find what you need most when working with records and views (filtering, sorting, etc.).

“View” summarizes menu items related to the appearance of the application.
Then follow “Project”, “Database”, “Develop”, “Layout” and “Operation”, which roughly reflect the development cycle of your application from left to right and build on each other.

Under “Project” you can create, manage and configure new applications.
Then the actual development of your application starts at “Database”, because there you create tables, describe your data, draw relations between them, etc. The more you work here and the more metadata you store here, the better SCOPELAND can create logic and select prefabricated building blocks.

Under “Develop” you build your actual application parts based on the described data, which consist of input forms, controls and presentation of the data. Depending on the type of application, these may be direct-desk pages, web pages, document interfaces, etc.

Finally, with “Layout” you can design the user interface of your application parts (mainly for direct desk pages and web pages) (colors, alignment, etc.).
Finally, when you’re done with your application, the Operation menu provides support for distributing and managing users and their permissions.

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