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What’s Scopeland? Who uses this software?

Zur Scopeland Community gehören Anwender, Macher und Insider.

SCOPELAND is one of the leading low-code development platforms for database applications. With SCOPELAND database applications are implemented by configuration instead of programming. Methodology and technical implementation are an alternative to the classical programming approach, in which the entire actual software must be individually programmed. Similar to a robot that derives its behavior solely from configurable control data, the “Universal Application” SCOPELAND adapts quickly and efficiently to all requirements by storing controlling metadata. SCOPELAND accelerates the entire development process of a specialized application without having to resort to expensive development capacities and the usual technologies and methods of software development in development projects. SCOPELAND applications can be quickly and easily adapted to changing and new requirements at any time. Test and release processes are reduced to an absolute minimum. SCOPELAND massively reduces development costs – by implementing individual applications without programming using universal software.